Your Options for Transmasculine Bottom Surgery in Miami, FL

What Is Transmasculine Bottom Surgery?

Transmasculine bottom surgery, also known as “Female to Male”  (FTM) bottom surgery, refers to a constellation of procedures related to the female reproductive tract. Female reproductive anatomy consists of ovaries, uterus, and vagina. Ovaries are responsible for hormone and egg production. The uterus lies within the abdominal cavity next to the ovaries, and supports a growing embryo. The vagina provides a passageway for childbirth, for monthly products of menstruation, and for sexual intercourse. Transmasculine patients may decide to remove one or more of these organs, depending on their personal goals. The organs can be removed through a variety of techniques, including traditional open, laparoscopic, or robotic; technique will determine if the procedure requires hospital admission overnight or not. We do not perform phalloplasty.

Each patient’s surgery is different from the next. Our board-certified surgeon handles each as its own unique case in order to provide you with the most natural and the most true-to-you results.

The exact surgical approach used for your procedure, such as incision types, will depend on your health and anatomy.

Tranmasculine bottom surgery can be accomplished in the traditional open manner, laparoscopically, or robotically. Open surgery is least costly, however is most invasive. This method can sometimes be associated with more postoperative pain and longer healing times due to larger incisions. It also usually requires an overnight stay in the hospital.

Laparoscopic surgery employs a small camera to facilitate surgery. It has the advantage of quicker recovery and fewer side effects from pain medications as less is typically needed. This is typically performed as an outpatient procedure.

Similar to laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery is minimially invasive when compared to open surgery. Robotic surgery has similar advantages to the patient as laparoscopic surgery. Robotic surgery offers the surgeon an advantage of a magnified 3-D view of the surgical field, and may offer superior, safer results in complex cases.

What about recovery?

“I am now who I was meant to be.”
Real Patient

We would love to speak about your transmasculine (FTM) bottom surgery options with you during a private one-on-one consultation at our Miami area practice. As advocates in the LGBTQ+ community, it is our passion to help each trans man or woman achieve their true selves through beautifully personalized results and board certified expertise. Please feel free to contact our office online, or call us at 305.865.2000.

“A hysterectomy is a relatively simple procedure where, very often, the patient can go home the same day or day after. Patients are very relieved to be rid of a host of challenges like menstruation.
Dr. Christian Quintero

The Transmasculine Bottom Surgery Procedure: What to Expect

Before Your Surgery

Our biggest priority at Restore Medical Center is you. We want to be sure that each and every one of our gender affirming patients are able to get the surgeries they need to feel more like the person they are inside. However, we also want to be sure that each patient has all the information and details necessary to make a well-informed decision about surgery.

You will be able to ask any and all questions about transmasculine bottom surgery during your private one-on-one consultation. Our board-certified surgeon is sensitive and understanding to your situation and will work closely with you to create the best plan for your unique situation.

In accordance with the WPATH Standards of Care, each of our patients is recommended to meet with two gender therapists to help ensure that surgery is an appropriate treatment for the patient’s dysphoria. Restore Medical will work with you to help facilitate these meetings so that you may get to surgery sooner than later if that will help alleviate your gender dysphoria.

In the weeks and days leading up to your procedure, our surgery team will provide you with detailed pre-surgical instructions. If at any time you have any questions regarding your surgery, please do not hesitate to call our office or your surgeon directly.

Transmasculine Bottom Surgery Procedure Steps
Your surgery will be performed under general anesthesia at our on-site AAAASF accredited surgery center. Our surgery team consists of our board-certified surgeon and board-certified anesthesiologist in order to ensure your safety and the best possible outcomes.

It’s important that you have a friend or loved one with you to drive you to and from your appointment, as well as to provide care and assistance during your initial recovery. An overnight hospital stay may be necessary.

The details of your surgery are dependent on the specific procedure and surgical approach. Your Restore Medical Center surgeon will describe these steps in detail during your consultation, and can answer any questions or concerns you may have about surgery.

Restore Medical Center

Transmasculine Bottom Surgery Aftercare in Miami, FL

Getting Home. Depending on the surgical approach decided upon by you and your surgeon, your procedure may be outpatient (same-day) or require an overnight stay. When you are discharged you will need to have a friend or loved one to drive you home and stay with you for a few days.

Initial Healing and Effects. After your surgery, some bloody discharge is to be expected for several days to weeks, so you’ll need to wear sanitary pads during this time. Pain medications will be prescribed to help with pain and discomfort during the initial recovery period.

Getting Back to Normal. Once you feel able to, we recommend that you get up and begin moving around. However, avoid lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk,  and strenuous activity for about 6 weeks. This is Miami, but no swimming in open water until all of your incisions are well healed.

Common Questions:

  • When can I return to work? 
  • When can I exercise and work out again? 
  • When will I be able to resume having sex? 
  • How long is the recovery process? 

In general – the answer to all of these questions is about 6 weeks. You will be in continued contact with your surgeon as you recovery, and your instructions will be individualized to you.

  • You will be provided with detailed post-operative instructions upon completion of your procedure. If at any time you should have any questions or concerns after surgery, please contact our practice immediately.

Possible Complications. Like all surgery, transmasculine bottom surgery does have some risk of complication . These include heavy bleeding, blood clots, infection, or damage to surrounding organs. Our board-certified surgeons are expertly trained in performing hysterectomies and take the necessary steps to ensure each patient’s utmost safety.

Next Steps? We’d Love to Speak with You One-on-One

Our goal is for you to feel fully informed so you can make the best decision for you. Contact us for a virtual or in-person consultation and start the your life-changing conversation.