For Family & Friends

Be patient with yourself. Once you know a loved one is transgender, you are likely going through a transition of your own.

What if family and friends are not willing to participate?

In our experience, many of our patients had their most difficult moments telling family and friends that they are transgender. They have kept their “secret” for so long that voicing it can be a monumental experience. Having talked to so many families and friends, we also know the struggles you might be having adjusting to the news. What we want to encourage is for you to become more informed so that you can become supportive of the decisions your loved one is making. PFLAG.ORG is a wonderful organization that has put together a great starting place for you. They have provided information that can be important as you start on your own journey to understanding…and, we hope, acceptance.

Family & Friends

You are invited to call to talk with us privately so we can provide information and support.

This is a very complex area of medicine and we want to be there for you. Please call