What Is Facial Rejuvenation?

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation can be an effective option if you are wanting to feminize or masculinize the features of your face, or for the correction of common skin and age-related concerns. Our aesthetics team specializes in non-surgical facial treatments that help trans men and women to achieve a look that is more consistent with their true gender identity.

Each patient’s best non-surgical facial rejuvenation options will be different from the next depending on your personal goals and condition. Our team handles each as its own unique case in order to provide you with the most natural and the most true-to-you results.

What is your approach to facial rejuvenation including feminization and masculinizing of the face?

There are several different options available for facial rejuvenation:

Botox® and Fillers

Injectable treatments like Botox Cosmetic and fillers are extremely popular options for diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and replenishing facial volume. Botox is great at minimizing the dynamic lines and wrinkles caused by repeated facial expressions. Fillers are used to replenish volume beneath the skin in order to fill in wrinkles, folds, or sunken areas in the skin. Fillers can also be used to soften or refine a person’s facial contours in order to create a more masculine or feminine appearance.


Platelet-Rich Plasma (or PRP for short) is a skin rejuvenating treatment that uses your body’s own blood cells to stimulate the skin’s production of collagen and elastin for a more youthful and renewed appearance. This treatment is great for ongoing skin benefits which continue after your initial treatment. We recommend this treatment to trans men and women who are wanting to improve the overall look of their skin or correct common skin issues such as acne or rosacea.

Laser Genesis

The Laser Genesis is a non-invasive laser skin rejuvenation treatment. This laser gently heats the dermis (the layer just beneath the skin’s surface) in order to stimulate natural collagen regrowth. We recommend Laser Genesis for our trans male and female patients who are interested in reversing sun damage, tightening pores, and improving their skin’s tone and texture.


Microneedling is a non-surgical skin care procedure that uses tiny microneedles to stimulate your skin’s natural healing response. By making tiny micro wounds in the skin’s surface, your body reacts naturally by producing new collagen and tissue to repair the skin from the inside-out. Microneedling is a great and effective treatment option for common skin concerns such as acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, or large pores.

We would love to speak about your facial rejuvenation options with you during a private one-on-one consultation at our Miami area practice. As advocates in the LGBTQ+ community, it is our passion to help each trans man or woman achieve their true selves through beautifully personalized results and board certified expertise. Please feel free to contact our office online, or call us at 305.865.2000.

“If I had it to do over again, I would have done it sooner.”
Sala, Real Patient
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Facial Rejuvenation Aftercare

Getting Home. You will be able to return home immediately following your treatment. With most facial rejuvenation procedures, you will likely be able to drive yourself home and even resume your normal day. You will be given instructions regarding any post-treatment care.

Bruising, Redness, and Swelling. Several of these treatments may cause some minor side effects to the treated area. You may experience some tenderness and swelling in addition to minor bruising or redness. This will generally fade over the first several days following your treatment.

You will be provided with detailed post-treatment instructions upon completion of your facial rejuvenation procedure. If at any time you should have any questions or concerns after surgery, please contact our practice immediately.

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