Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy in Miami, FL

The journey to one’s true self is never taken alone, so looking for the right assistance and support is important. Hormone therapy is a cornerstone of gender-affirming treatment for trans men and women who seek to obtain gender congruence—-where their physical appearance matches their gender identity.

What Is Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy?

A treatment that uses hormone replacements, gender-affirming hormone therapy helps change the appearance of transgender patients to align their physical characteristics with their gender identity more accurately.

The goals of gender-affirming hormone therapy are to:

Decrease emotional distress from gender dysphoria
Improve social functioning
Improve overall quality of life

Transgender hormone therapy is highly personalized to each patient’s unique case. It is vital that we sit down with you and discuss the available options so that we can create the optimal treatment suited to your unique needs.

What Role Does Gender-Affirming Feminizing (MTF) Hormone Therapy Play?

Used to alter the hormone levels of trans women, feminizing hormone replacement therapy is for those who desire to achieve a more feminine physical appearance to match their gender identity. Therapy consists of medication designed to block androgen (the male sex hormone) receptors and hinder the production of testosterone. This type of hormone therapy can help to induce feminine changes in the body, such as increased breast size. Treatment may include hormone pellets or injections based on your specific case and the professional opinion of your Restore Medical Center team.

What Role Does Gender-Affirming Masculinizing (FTM) Hormone Therapy Play?

Masculinizing hormone replacement therapy is performed to alter the hormone levels of trans men who want to achieve a more masculine appearance that better matches their gender identity. The male testosterone hormone is used to help suppress female secondary sex characteristics and achieve a more masculine appearance. Masculinizing hormone replacement therapy with testosterone can help to improve muscle tone and body hair production.

Am I a Candidate for Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy?

Determining if you are a candidate for gender-affirming hormone therapy involves undergoing an in-depth evaluation to assess your mental and physical health. In accordance with the WPATH Standards of Care, each of our patients is recommended to meet with gender therapists to help ensure that gender-affirming hormone therapy is an appropriate treatment for the patient’s dysphoria. Restore Medical will work with you compassionately to help facilitate these meetings so that you may undergo gender-affirming hormone treatment sooner rather than later if that will help alleviate your gender dysphoria. If you are an adolescent, you will need parental consent before beginning hormone therapy.

Your medical provider will assess your current health and review your health history to determine if hormone therapy is safe for you. You will undergo medical testing to establish a baseline and provide information about your overall health. The Restore team will ensure that you understand the benefits and risks of hormone therapy, including possible side effects, and that you are aware of all your options. Some individuals with a history of blood clotting disorders, certain types of cancers, smoking, or other health concerns might not be eligible for gender-affirming hormone therapy.

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We would love to speak about your transfeminine or transmasculine hormone replacement options with you during a private one-on-one consultation at our Miami area practice. As advocates in the LGBTQ+ community, it is our passion to help each trans man or woman achieve their true selves through beautifully personalized results and board certified expertise. Please feel free to contact our office online, or us at 305.865.2000.

What Can I Expect From the Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy Process?

Patients will quickly notice a wide array of changes during your gender-affirming hormone treatment. These can be quite exciting and sometimes a bit overwhelming, which is why the Restore team is available to help and explain these transitions. These changes can be physical, emotional, or sexual in nature.

Physically, you can expect to see changes in hair pattern, skin texture, pitch of voice, sweat, muscle mass, fat distribution, and many others. These will be greatly influenced by your genetics, diet, and overall lifestyle.

Significant changes in emotional state can also occur with hormone therapy. Just like during puberty, patients might experience a rush of new sensations, emotions, sensitivities, and preferences. This will also be amplified because changes in your physical appearance will ultimately have an effect on your mood, so know that we are available to answer questions and help you address any issues that arise.

Finally, you might experience changes in your libido. Hormones may increase or decrease the mood for sexual activities. During feminizing treatment, for patients that have not undergone a vaginoplasty, the penis might not sustain an erection, but patients can still have an orgasm. Though we can always explain the basics of your physical journey to make sure you’re prepared for those milestones, you may find it advantageous to discuss these changes with your mental health professional so they can help you navigate these exciting developments.

A Timeline of Changes After Gender-Affirming Feminizing (MTF) Hormone Therapy

First Three Months

During the first one to three months after you begin feminizing hormone therapy, you will experience a decrease in your libido, accompanied by a reduction in spontaneous erections. You may also notice changes in your mood and emotions during the initial months of treatment.

First Six Months

From about three to six months after you begin your therapy, you’ll start to experience changes in your physiology. Your skin will soften and become less oily, and you may notice the beginnings of breast development. Your muscle mass and strength will start to decrease, and the way your body distributes your weight will change, storing fat in your hips and thighs.

Six to Twelve Months

Your body shape will progressively become more feminine, with significant breast development and body fat redistribution continuing. Your testicular size will gradually decrease during this time, and your body hair growth may slow, becoming softer and finer.

One to Two Years

Between the first and second years of feminizing hormone therapy, the changes you’ve experienced so far will begin to stabilize. Your fat distribution and breast development will level out, though breast growth may continue over time. You will see a reduction in overall body hair (including facial hair) and muscle mass, as well as changes to your body odor and the areas you tend to sweat the most.

The results of your feminizing hormone therapy will last as long as you continue with your medically supervised and monitored program.

A Timeline of What to Expect From Gender-Affirming Masculinizing (FTM) Hormone Therapy

First Three Months

One of the first things you may notice after beginning your FTM hormone therapy treatments is a surge in your libido. You may also experience an increase in your skin’s oil production and more acne.

First Six Months

After two to three months of masculinizing hormone therapy, your menstrual periods will stop, and your vaginal lining may become drier and thinner. Your body fat will begin to redistribute itself, moving from being stored in the hips and thighs to your abdomen, and you will see a boost in your muscle mass and overall strength. You will also experience what is known as clitoromegaly, which is the enlargement of the clitoris.

Six to Twelve Months

As you move towards one year on masculinizing hormones, you’ll hear your voice becoming deeper. While more facial and body hair may have already started to develop before this stage in your therapy, it will continue to increase. Conversely, some people may also see decreased scalp growth, with hair beginning to thin and male pattern baldness setting in.

One to Two Years

As your body adjusts to its new hormone patterns, the changes you’ve experienced thus far will continue. Your strength and muscle mass will continue to increase gradually, body fat will continue to be redistributed, and you’ll notice changes in your body odors and how you sweat. Your voice will level out, and a permanent new tone will be established. While your facial and body hair will continue to change and stabilize for up to five years, your facial hair is typically fully developed by the two-year mark.

The results of your masculinizing hormone therapy will last as long as you continue with your medically supervised and monitored program.

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How Much Does Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy Cost in Miami, FL?

The cost of gender-affirming hormone treatment depends on several factors, including:

  • Type of hormones and delivery method (topical, pills, or injections)
  • Whether your hormone treatments are brand name or available in generic
  • Dosage, including how often you take the medication
  • Additional supplements or medications necessary to support optimal treatment levels
  • Medical supervision of your gender-affirming hormone treatment, including frequency of visits and cost associated with medical monitoring (blood tests, etc.)
  • Mental health services, such as therapists, support groups, or other aspects of comprehensive care

Some or all of the costs associated with your gender-affirming hormone therapy may be covered by insurance. But even without insurance (or if your treatment is only partially covered), the cost can be defrayed by taking advantage of discounts offered by pharmacies or medication manufacturers. Other fees, including medical and mental health services, may be reduced if you qualify for non-profit patient assistance programs.

At Restore Transgender Transformations, we are committed to providing compassionate and complete care to our patients. We help you navigate the insurance process and negotiate on behalf of our patients whenever possible because we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy life as the person they were meant to be.

Why Choose Restore Transgender Transformations For Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy?

As the only practice in Miami solely devoted to gender affirmation surgery, it is our passion to help each trans man or woman achieve their true selves through beautifully personalized results and board-certified expertise. The skilled and experienced providers at Restore are advocates not only in the LGBTQ+ community but also members of the community themselves. That’s why we chose to open a practice that offers truly non-judgmental, compassionate care to a community of people who are often given sub-par or improper medical services simply because of who they are.

We would love to discuss your transfeminine or transmasculine hormone replacement options during a private, one-on-one consultation at our Miami-area practice. Please feel free to contact our office online or at 305.865.2000.The results of your masculinizing hormone therapy will last as long as you continue with your medically supervised and monitored program.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy

What happens during my gender-affirming hormone therapy consultation at Restore Transgender Transformations?

During your private one-on-one consultation, you will be able to ask any and all questions about transfeminine or transmasculine hormone therapy. Our team is extremely sensitive and understanding of your unique case and will work closely to help you best achieve your desired goals.

How long will the results of my gender-affirming hormone therapy last?

This will vary based on your individualized treatment as well as the length of your therapy. Long-lasting benefits can be maintained by undergoing regular, ongoing sessions as long as you are physically healthy enough for treatment. Most changes are typically reversible, although you might want to discuss fertility, which can be irreversibly affected in some individuals. Some patients might want to freeze their sperm or eggs before initiating hormone therapy to avoid any possible complications in the future.

Will gender-affirming hormone therapy affect my ability to have children?

In some individuals, hormones used during gender-affirming treatment may result in your inability to have children. Surgery of the gonads, testes, or ovaries will lead to irreversible infertility.

Will gender-affirming hormone therapy affect my sex life?

You will be able to resume your normal sex life with hormone therapy. In some cases, patients undergoing feminizing hormone therapy may experience a decrease in sex drive and also the inability to sustain an erection. You might notice changes in erogenous sensation and changes in how you experience orgasms.

Is gender-affirming hormone therapy safe?

Yes. Gender-affirming hormone therapy is safe, but as with any medical procedure, it does come with possible side effects. Your treatment is completely personalized based on your goals and medical history.

Potential side effects of gender-affirming hormone therapy include, but are not limited to:

  • Blood clots (deep vein thrombosis)
  • Bloating
  • Swelling or tenderness of the breasts/chest
  • Headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea
  • High blood pressure
  • High potassium
  • Elevated liver function test
  • Gallstones
  • Type 2 diabetes

If you notice any unusual side effects during treatment, please get in touch with our practice immediately. The Restore team is committed to helping and supporting you.

Next Steps? We’d Love to Speak with You One-on-One

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