Your Options for Transfeminine Bottom Surgery in Miami, FL

What Is Transfeminine Bottom Surgery?

Transfeminine bottom surgery, also referred to as “Male to Female” (MTF) bottom surgery, refers to the different surgical methods for the feminization of the masculine genitals and lower body. These gender-affirming procedures are designed to help trans women take control of their bodies and feel more comfortable in their daily lives.

There are several bottom surgery options that we offer here at Restore Medical Center. Each procedure is expertly performed by our board certified surgeon to help patients achieve bodies that better match their true gender identity. While the physical impact is significant, we are truly inspired and humbled to see the emotional benefits our patients experience in their self-confidence and newfound comfort in their bodies.

There are a variety of options available for your transfeminine bottom surgery depending on your own personal goals. Each patient’s surgery is different from the next. Our board certified surgeon handles each as its own unique case in order to provide you with the most natural and the most true-to-you results.


An orchiectomy is a surgery that removes the testicles, resulting in sterility as well as a loss of testosterone. A simple or scrotal orchiectomy is most commonly performed for transfeminine bottom surgery, which uses an incision made in the scrotum.

Given the emotional benefits that trans women experience as a result of the removal of the testicles, many of our transfeminine bottom surgery patients choose to undergo just an orchiectomy. However, others may choose to undergo a vaginoplasty in order to create a more feminine appearance and functionality of their genitals.


A vaginoplasty is a gender-affirming surgery that transforms the male genitals into a beautifully feminine and functional vulva and vagina. When performed by a board-certified surgeon with experience in transfeminine surgeries, patients can expect full and normal functionality when urinating and having sexual intercourse. The vaginal canal is
created in order to allow penetrative intercourse, usually through a penile-inversion technique. A scrotal skin graft may be used to augment the length of the penile tube. The anterior vaginal is created from mucosal tissue and is thus self-lubricating. The urethra is shortened and re-oriented so that the urinary stream will be into the toilet bowl when seated. A clitoris is constructed to be sensate, able to be stimulated and facilitate orgasm. Labia majora and minora are created to give a feminine appearance. A vaginoplasty as described as above is designed to be a one-stage procedure when performed at Restore. The patient may have
orchiectomy prior to the procedure, or at the same time.

Zero Depth Vaginoplasty

This procedure is similar to Vaginoplasty as described above, without the creation of the actual vaginal canal. When looking at the patient, one would not be able to tell whether the patient had traditional Vaginoplasty or Zero Depth Vaginoplasty. One might prefer this procedure to traditional vaginoplasty for a number of personal reasons – she might not want to dilate postoperatively, she may not want to have penetrative sex, she may want to avoid possible complications associated with traditional vaginoplasty, among others.

The physical and emotional benefits of this procedure are incredibly life-changing. However, this is a very significant surgery with permanent results. It’s important that all patients considering this surgery are fully prepared and aware of the risks and benefits of surgery.

Please Explain Bottom Surgery

“You can finally live the way you’ve always wanted to live.”
Real Patient

We would love to speak about your transfeminine (MTF) bottom surgery options with you during a private one-on-one consultation at our Miami area practice. As advocates in the LGBTQ+ community, it is our passion to help each trans man or woman achieve their true selves through beautifully personalized results and board certified expertise. Please feel free to contact our office online, or call us at 305.865.2000.

“It's very special to hear stories again and again of how patients are enjoying life for the first time or seeing it through a different lens. Their genitals not only look female, their bodies now respond like a woman, too.”
Dr. John L. Whitehead

The Transfeminine Bottom Surgery Procedure: What to Expect

Before Your Surgery

Our biggest priority at Restore Medical Center is you. We want to be sure that each and every one of our gender reassignment patients are able to get the surgeries they need to feel more like the person they are inside. However, we also want to be sure that each patient has all the information and details necessary to make a well-informed decision about surgery.

You will be able to ask any and all questions about transfeminine bottom surgery during your private one-on-one consultation. Our board certified plastic surgeon is sensitive and understanding to your situation and will work closely with you to create the best plan for your unique situation.

In accordance with the WPATH Standards of Care, each of our patients is recommended to meet with two gender therapists to help ensure that surgery is an appropriate treatment for the patient’s dysphoria. Restore Medical will work with you to help facilitate these meetings so that you may get to surgery sooner than later if that will help alleviate your gender dysphoria.

In the weeks and days leading up to your procedure, our surgery team will provide you with detailed pre-surgical instructions. If at any time you have any questions regarding your surgery, please do not hesitate to call our office or your surgeon directly.

Transfeminine Bottom Surgery Procedure Steps
Your surgery will be performed under general anesthesia at our on-site AAAASF accredited surgery center. Our surgery team consists of our board certified surgeon and on-site board certified anesthesiologist in order to ensure your safety and the best possible outcomes.

It’s important that you have a friend or loved one with you to drive you to and from your appointment, as well as to provide care and assistance during your initial recovery. An overnight hospital stay may be necessary.

Orchiectomy Surgery
During a simple or scrotal orchiectomy, the penis will be taped against the abdomen and an incision will be made in the scrotum. Your Restore Medical Center surgeon will then remove the testicles and parts of the spermatic cord through this incision. Once removed, incisions are closed and covered with surgical dressings.

Vaginoplasty Surgery
There are a couple different methods for vaginoplasty surgery, as well as accompanying procedures like labiaplasty and cliteroplasty. We will detail the steps of your specifically personalized procedure with you during your consultation.

Penile inversion vaginoplasty, often referred to as the “gold standard,” is most often performed as a single-stage procedure that incorporates orchiectomy, partial penectomy, and penile dissection with the creation of the vaginal cavity, labiaplasty, and cliteroplasty.

Once the surgery is completed, all incisions are closed and covered with surgical dressings.

Restore Medical Center

Transfeminine Bottom Surgery Aftercare in Miami, FL

Getting Home. Transfeminine bottom surgery patients spend the first night after surgery in our facility, tended to by an attending physician and registered nurse. The morning after surgery, the patient’s chaperone for the week (usually a family member or friend) will take the patient to a prearranged hotel via car. The patient is able to walk on her own.

Initial healing and effects. The patient will relax and heal in a local hotel a block from Restore Medical for the next week. The doctor will visit the patient in her hotel to ensure a safe recovery. One week after surgery, the patient will come back to Restore for removal of dressings and instructions of vaginal dilating. In most cases, the patient is then cleared to travel back home.

Common Questions:

  • When can I return to work?
  • When can I exercise and work out again?
  • When will I be able to resume having sex?
  • How long is the recovery process?
All patients are unique, and postoperative instructions are individualized to the patient. In general, six weeks is necessary for most of the healing to take place. Nearly all patients can return to their usual activities with no restrictions by 3 months postoperatively.

You will be provided with detailed post-operative instructions upon completion of your procedure. If at any time you should have any questions or concerns after surgery, please contact our practice immediately.

Possible Complications. There are several risks associated with transfeminine bottom surgery. Possible complications include changes in urine stream or heightened risk of urethral infection. Other serious complications are rare, but may include tissue necrosis, rectal injuries, fistulas, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism.

Next Steps? We’d Love to Speak with You One-on-One

Our goal is for you to feel fully informed so you can make the best decision for you. Contact us for a virtual or in-person consultation and start the your life-changing conversation.