Long-Term Follow Up

Follow up with us, your primary doctor or surgeon back home in 3-4 weeks for possible suture removal. Most of the time, sutures are placed on the inside and do not need removal. Feel free to send Dr. Whitehead pictures. We are also happy to collaborate with your hometown doctor or surgeon throughout your recover If you traveled to see us, visit us whenever you are in the area!

Long term follow-up with a gynecologist is good idea. You should have pap smear one year after surgery, and every 3-5 years thereafter. A speculum exam at 1 year is advised.

Mammography is recommended on an age-related basis.

Prostate exam is best directed via the vagina. If you remain on estrogen, the prostate should be low risk for cancer.

Estrogen dosing is typically less than pre-op. Estradiol and progesterone are recommended and can be managed by our office, or your endocrinologist. In general you can restart estrogen therapy at 50% of the dose you were previously taking, 2 weeks after surgery. Ask about local estrogen creams that we can prescribe immediately post op to accelerate wound healing.

Nick Scola