Are You Eligible for Surgery?

We conform to the Standards of Care of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).  The eligibility criteria for surgery include: 

  1. Living in the social role of the chosen gender for at least 12 months

  2. Recommendations for surgery from two licensed therapists. One of whom has a doctorate, and the other having at least a master’s in clinical behavioral science. One of these therapists should have known you for a long time to prepare an in-depth evaluation. The second letter may be viewed as a letter of concurrence. 

Patients undergoing sex reassignment should have true gender dysphoria. Most patients have been on hormone therapy for at least one year and have been living as a woman for at least one year. Patients should be emotionally stable and medically healthy. The patient should have the emotional and physical support of a spouse, family member, or significant other throughout the transition process. 

For the highest chance of a successful surgery, you should be height/weight proportional. A body-mass index (BMI) less than 28 is best, however BMI is only a number and can be misleading. A BMI alone will not exclude you from surgery. You can calculate your BMI by searching for a BMI calculator on the internet. 

In your initial consultation we will go over your entire medical and surgical history. Some patients will require medical clearance by their primary care physician. Others may need simple lab work. Others may need just a physical exam. 

Nick Scola