Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to serving transgender women seeking gender reassignment surgery. We are here to help you understand the procedure and what to expect before and after surgery. We want to help you, answer your questions, and make sure you are completely comfortable with the decisions that you make. Our doctors and are part of the LGBTQ community and will work with you with the utmost consideration, care and respect.  

Our objective is to provide an aesthetically attractive and functional result which permits both effortless intromission and full orgasmic potential. This means crafting a vaginal vault of sufficient depth, a sensate and hooded clitoris, good labial cleavage with a moist vulva, a pleasing labia majora with a defined anterior and posterior commissure, and some semblance of labia minora whenever possible. The one stage procedure is performed keeping the basic principles of embryology in mind. As everyone has female genitalia early in gestation, the goal of the procedure is to RESTORE the current anatomy to its earlier configuration. We use a modified version of the penile inversion technique including use of scrotal skin graft to line the vagina. Talk to us today, and see the difference real medicine makes in delivering real results.