Women's Health

We offer a range of specialty procedures just for women in caring and comfortable environment. 

List of procedures

  • Anterior and posterior vaginal repair: 

    • Also known as Anterior and Posterior Colporrhaphy. This procedure is targeted for patients with Symptomatic Pelvic Organ prolapse, which is manifested as a “bulge” protruding through the vagina. Oftentimes patients may also experience difficulties with urination and or defecation where they need to reduce the bulge with their fingers in order to evacuate. These procedures can be done with native tissue repair (patient’s own tissues) or “augmented” with mesh (only in specific cases) or absorbable biological grafts to reinforce the pelvic floor.

  • Colporrhaphy for vaginal tightening: 

    • This procedure is generally performed in women that have completed child bearing. After the trauma of vaginal birth women often find that they don’t have the same sensation they experienced prior to having babies. The procedure is aimed to “tighten” the vaginal canal by re-approximating the pelvic muscles and fascia in the posterior vaginal wall restoring the vaginal canal to its initial state prior to vaginal birth.

  • Perineorrhaphy:

    • This procedure aims to re-approximate and reduce the vaginal introitus. (Entrance to the vaginal canal) A Perineorrhaphy is frequently performed in conjunction with posterior Colporrhaphy.

  • Bladder lift for urinary incontinence: 

    • Although similar in many ways, Bladder prolapse does not always translate in urinary incontinence.  Bladder prolapse is multifactorial and often happens after childbearing, obesity, and women with collagen disorders among the most common factors. A vaginal repair (vaginal Colporrhaphy) is a simple outpatient procedure that involves opening the anterior vaginal wall and re-approximating the tissues that hold the bladder in place.  As with the posterior vaginal repair, the procedure can be reinforced with mesh placement or biological graft in specific cases.

  • Procedures for urinary Incontinence: These include Pelvic Floor Exercises, Biofeedback. Sling Placements and bulking agent injections. Each procedure has specific indications and is used for each patient on an individual basis after a thorough clinical evaluation.

    • Pelvic Floor Exercises: Involve several sessions where the patient is instructed on performing pelvic exercises in specific targeted areas identified by small spurts of electrical stimulation.

    • Sling Placement: (Often called Retro-pubic Sling) is a procedure where a small strip of mesh (made of Polypropylene) is placed under the mid urethra and restoring continence by providing mechanical support of this structure. The “Sling procedure” is also a short outpatient procedure with minimal postoperative discomfort. The type of sling and procedure will be performed according the specific patient needs and proper clinical indications.

    • Bulking Agents: Bulking agents are injected into the mucosa surrounding the bladder neck and proximal urethra in order to stop the involuntary loss of urine.

  • Vaginal rejuvenation (Laser Resurfacing, PRP to vulva and Labia): 

    • For this procedure, the vagina is treated with Laser Therapy to tighten the collagen fibers giving the vagina a more youthful look. We combined PRP injections to the vagina, vulva and labia to stimulate tissue regeneration and increase vaginal sensation. Vaginal tightening may require from 3 to up to 5 short sessions, lasting just a few minutes with no pain or discomfort.  During the vaginal rejuvenation procedure we can include PRP injections and or fillers to the G spot. This increases its surface on the anterior vaginal wall enhancing the sexual pleasure.

  • Female orgasm enhancing G-Spot injections:  

    • In this procedure, the patient’s G spot is treated by means of injecting fillers to a portion of the anterior vaginal wall bringing the G spot downwards and therefore increasing the area of contact with the penis during intercourse. Recently we have added PRP injections to the area stimulating its vascular supply and nerve stimulation resulting in enhanced sexual pleasure.

  • Vulvar and vaginal reconstruction after weight loss surgery: 

    • After massive weight loss patients often experience volume loss in the vulva and labia giving the appearance of saggy skin. There are a few techniques designed to remove some areas of excess tissue giving the external genitalia a more youthful appearance. Surgical techniques include labia majora shortening by means of flaps, liposuction and fat transfer to the vulva.

  • Vaginal and perineal tag removal:

    • Vaginal and Perineal tags are small areas of excess skin frequently seen in obese patients and in some instances in patients suffering from insulin resistance and or diabetes. Perineal tags are of benign nature and can be easily removed under local anesthesia.

  • Vaginal, perineal and perianal wart removal: 

    • Genital warts are produced by certain strains of the (HPV) Human Papilloma Virus. HPV strains 6 and 11 account for up to 90% of genital warts seen in men and women.  There are several techniques available to remove genital warts causing minimal scaring. Genital warts can be treated with chemical solutions such as (TCA) Trichloroacetic Acid, by freezing (Cryotherapy) and ultimately by surgical removal in case of large lesions. The procedure and proper technique will be targeted to each specific patient’s needs after a clinical evaluation.

  • Clitoral hood removal & revision:

    • In certain conditions or perhaps after trauma from childbirth, the woman may experience deformity of the clitoris and or clitoral hood. There are simple procedures where this area can be cosmetically enhanced by exposing the body of the clitoris improving not only its appearance but increasing the stimulation of the clitoris resulting in enhanced sexual pleasure.

  • Hymenoplasty:  

    • This is a procedure where the Hymen can be re-built for cosmetic and or religious reasons. It is an outpatient procedure that requires minimal downtime and very little pain.

  • Labioplasty:

    • Procedure targeted to correct hypertrophied (enlarged) labia for cosmetic or physiologic reasons. During this procedure the excess labia is removed bilaterally creating a pleasing look with no repercussions on sexual function.

  • Botulinum Toxin (Bladder and Vaginal) injections:

    • For the Vagina: A paralytic is used to relax some of the muscles on the pelvic floor at the entrance to the vagina allowing for a more smooth and painless penetration.  For the bladder, Botox is used as injections directly in to the bladder to relax its detrusor muscle (the muscle responsible for the urinary urgency). The procedure is done in an outpatient basis and it takes just a few minutes with results lasting up to 6 months and more.

  • Please ask about other surgical procedures if you do not see them listed here

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