Men's Health

We offer a range of specialty procedures just for men in a discrete and comfortable environment. 


List of procedures

  • Erectile Disfunction treatment

  • Antiaging medical therapy

  • Low testosterone treatment

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment for male performance enhancement

  • Testicular enhancement

    • Testicular enhancement is one of our most popular procedures. The satisfaction rate is high, and the results are aesthetically pleasing. We insert soft, ovoid prostheses in front of your existing testes to reduce any likelihood of impairment to your sperm and testosterone production which has been noted with cap-type prosthetics.

  • Circumcision:  

    • We enjoy a reputation for excellence when it comes to cosmetically performed adult circumcisions. Pain is virtually non-existent among our patients. They smile as they leave the office, and most of them remain free of discomfort when they report for follow-up exam. Initial consultation is to determine what type of result he is looking for – tight or loose, removal of the frenulum, preservation of the frenulum, etc. Fine plastic surgery suture is used to create perfect alignment.

  • Buttock tags:  

    • Skin tags are benign growths. When diagnosed correctly, they are harmless and are not signs of cancer. These are best diagnosed and removed by a doctor. They can be excised under local anesthesia so that you do not have pain.

  • Anal bleaching:  removal of dark color in intimate areas

  • Hydrocelectomy

  • Frenulectomy

  • Removal of pearly papules

  • Penscrotal web correction

  • Please ask about other surgical procedures if you do not see them listed here

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